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  • World Class Lighting Solution

    Dplight specialization and success

    Deep Experience

    Dplight is a one stop lighting solution that has provided lighting products across Kenya for the past years and is a well known brand across kenya for several years. Dplight provide housing lighting as well as outdoor lighting.

    Proven Strategies for Success

    Over several years, Dplight has provided quality success to our esteemed customers. Our customers have relented on our success over the years and we have received major success with our customers who recomend our products to other customers. Our customer feedbacks have been positive over the years and many customers come for more products in our stores.

    True Professionalism

    Our production is built in true professionalism and is delivered on time across Kenya. Our employees deliver the best customer services from the wholesale to retail services. Our products are of high quality and we offer a return service upon damages or customer desatisfaction and customer feedback is highly respected and valued.

  • What We Do

    As a lighting company, these are some of the products that we sell both at retail and wholesale.

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    solar rechargable bulbs


    3720T-ksh 300


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     FD-15WTS0- ksh 155

    FD-18WTS-ksh 180

    FD-24WTS-ksh 200

    FD-36WTS-ksh 285

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    Holders (hanging)


    401- ksh 400

    801 (2in1) - ksh 460

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    7703- ksh 70

    1159- ksh 70

    7705- ksh 75

    1160- ksh 75
    7707- ksh 80


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    Solar rechargable bulb


    F12-125- ksh 480

    F12-140- ksh 580

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    Work light

    ksh 380

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    3720- ksh 190

    3730- ksh 270

    3740- ksh 330

    3750- ksh 380

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    FF-15WTS- ksh 145

    FF-18WTS- ksh 165

    FF- 36WTS- ksh 280

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    LED Economy


    103A- ksh 35

    103D - ksh 35

    105D- ksh 38

    107A- ksh 48

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    Moisture-proof Lamps

     FY-18WTS- ksh 200

    FT-18WTS- ksh 200

    FY-24WTS- ksh 300

    FT-24WTS- ksh 300

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    Intelligence Bulbs


    1707A- ksh 165

    1709A- ksh 180

    1712A- ksh 210

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    ZA bulbs


    ZA-18WTS- ksh 115

    ZA-24WTS- ksh 150

    ZA-30WTS- ksh 190

    ZA-40WTS- ksh 260 

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     2705D- ksh 160

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    Flood lights

     1020- ksh 350

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    Holders (angle)

     403- ksh 280

    803- ksh 300

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    Ac /Dc Bulbs


    703A- ksh 45

    703D- ksh 45

    705A- ksh 48

    705D- ksh 48

    707A- ksh 60

    707D- ksh 60

    709A- ksh 70

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    Rechargable Tubes


    R-15CM- ksh 180

    R-30CM- ksh 270

    R-50CM- ksh 340

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    FS-30WTS- ksh 350


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    lithium battery

      ksh 80

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     ST-918- ksh 80

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     6486- ksh 195

    ST5486- ksh 195

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    Fittings & Tubes


    2 FIT TUBE- ksh 110

    2FIT FITTINGS- ksh 804

    FIT TUBE- ksh 1404

    FIT FITTINGS- ksh 100

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     ksh 120

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    Celeing Rolls

    400- ksh 80

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    About Us

    Dplight is a world class lighting solution for both companies and households . we are located along nyamakima, munyu road junction and Sheikh karume road. we have three shops that offer retail and wholesale services.

  • Contact Us

    Leave a message for your initial consultation.

    PRAMUKH PLAZA, Munyu Rd, Nairob
    Monday-Saturday (7am-6pm)
    0793248380, 0713627211